Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Wednesdays Words

So we're back there again huh? What am I going to rant on about today?


I started dieting back in August, and by Christmas had lost 20lbs (I know, I was very proud of myself), but over Christmas I decided to push the diet back a bit and have a little fun. Well, a little fun turned into too much fun, and after very reluctantly getting back on the scales, I had put back on....7lbs!!!!! I was gutted. So an exercise bike was bought!

I've started out slowly on the bike, 11 minutes I lasted on the first day lol! Slowly moving it up though, and am now doing 25 minutes on it.

I've cut back on the crappy foods, and am watching my calories again (this is where a calorie counting app comes in handy), but guess what? No weight loss! I am getting a bit gutted about it now, so really need to start watching what I'm eating, even more than I already do. So it looks like a lot of veg coming up for me. Not that I mind, I love veg, Broccoli and carrots are my favorite.

But diets in general? This is the best I've ever done on a diet. I don't really think fad diets work well.

My uncle does the Atkins diet before he goes on holiday, and does lose weight, but it comes back on again. I couldn't do that one anyway, I'm diabetic, no carbs would like... kill me! I've seen people do the soup diet (I'd get bored too easily of soup, not a massive soup fan), the cornflakes diet (not a fan of those either!), and a load of other random ones.

I honestly think the best way is to just watch what you eat, treat yourself a little otherwise you'll not stick to it, but plenty of veg, and some good exercise will do you great! And it helps a lot when you're not dong it alone, my other half is also dieting and it does help a lot.

I'm starting to get a bit down over the eating healthy/exercising, and still not losing weight, but I'm sure when the weight starts coming off again I'll be happy! :)

So, diets? What do you think?

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