Thursday, 28 February 2013

Short Story by me - The Bench Meet

I entered this short story into a competition, I didn't win.

The story was prompted by a picture. Since I can't use the picture, let me describe it. A snowy, winters day. There is a snow covered park bench, lots of trees sprayed with white, no one is around.

Here is my story, a short 297 words

The Bench Meet

For 57 years, George and Edna had sat on this bench. They had their first date here, George proposed marriage here, they brought their children here, and their Grandchildren.

And now they were here again. It was a cold winters day, and the bench was covered in snow, so they both had wrapped up in scarves, gloves, hats and warm winter coats. But the cold didn't bother them too much, they loved being here together. Every friday afternoon, Edna popped to the library, where she met some of her friends to discuss the latest book they'd all been reading. Well, what else did she have to keep her ocupied when George was watching his football! She loved reading, so why not have a book club with her friends. What was the point of reading an amazing book if you didn't tell people about it. After book club finished, George would aways meet Edna at their bench, half way between the library and home. If it was cold, George brought home madde hot chocolate in travel mugs to keep them warm, or if it was summer, Edna would buy a couple of milkshakes at the little stand on her way. They would chat about anything they could think of. Discuss family meetings that were coming up, chat about what Edna and her friends had been up to, or talk about how Georges favourite team had won or lost their game.

Yes this was their bench, their favourite spot. After a while, they got up, and walked hand in hand down the footprint covered winding park path.

The snow had melted from the seat now, and you could see the plaque that had been placed there.

'For George and Edna, this was their bench'

'RIP ' 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed :)


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