Thursday, 11 April 2013

20 This or That #Questions with... Zara Stoneley!

Well hello again! What fun this is huh?! :) I enjoy thursdays!

Today we have the wonderful Zara Stoneley with us answering my 20 questions! Come on in Zara, grab a drink!

Hi Dee!

Love these questions :-)

Sweet or savoury? I like a bit of both :-) If I had to choose I'd probably go with savoury, cos there is such a thing as too sweet!
Salad or sandwich? Salad, as long as it's a good one.
Macdonalds or Burger King? Neither these days - I don't think our UK versions are anything like yours. Thats a shame
White meat or red meat? Red meat - I love my steak! Medium rare?

Bon Jovi or Guns n Roses? guns n roses lol
Movie or book? I like both
Movies or TV shows? Movies
Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Lord of the Rings, the original!
Damon or Stefan Salvatore? er, okay off to google....damon, at a pinch... Good girl ;p
True Blood or Vampire Diaries? neither! I used to watch Buffy, but no vampires since! I was never really a major buffy fan... but Angel was pretty hot!
Friends or Sex and the City? Both! (I'm hopeless at this aren't I?!) lol Someone who reviewed 'Good Enough to Share' said it reminded them of 'Coupling', which I guess is the UK version of 'Friends'
Star Wars or Star Trek? star trek

Dominance or submission? I like a dominant man, but no-one ever called me submissive!
Kisses or hugs? hugs
Bath or shower? shower, unless I've got lots of time to spare, candles, music, wine... (okay that was fantasy time)
Call or text? usually text because I'm short of time, but nothing can beat a good chat
Date night: stay in or go out? bit of both
Singing or dancing? dancing, love a good boogie... and have you heard me sing?!
Vanilla or kink? mild kink
Cotton or satin? satin or silk

Thanks Dee, that was fun!
Anything you'd like to add, or anything new you'd like to tell us about while you're here?

Did you know that book 2 in the Good Enough series is out? It's called 'Good Enough to Trust' and Sophie is finding out that going back is never easy, especially when there's two gorgeous men to choose between!

I knew ;), have you all checked it out? 


  1. So sorry it's late Zara!!!!! Xxxx

  2. Replies
    1. Hee hee thanks D. Im loving doing these interviews :)

  3. I use to love watching Coupling, Zara. Great answers.


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