Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Easter Holidays are almost over! :)

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The Easter holidays are almost over, and on Monday we can get back to some kind of normality :) The kids will be back at school, I Will get a couple of hours peace each morning to watch a little TV or read.

The Easter holidays haven't exactly been fun for us this time. The first day off my little Jack was up all night vomiting. The next night so was my Chloe, and me, and OH! Wonderful eh?! We had all caught Norovirus. Luckily for Jack it passed him quickly, he was right as rain again after 2 days. Me and Oh, maybe 3/4 days before we were eating again. But Chloe, a week before she ate anything. She was so ill bless her.

Anyway, first week over, and everyone feeling a little better, so we went for a day out at the coast. Big mistake!! It was freezing for a start, so we went into the Aquarium. Paid £4.50 for the kids dinner (which they didn't eat), then paid £35 to get into the aquarium, which Jack didn't like (think it was something to do with his sensory issues), so me and him left, only for Oh and Chloe to come out 5 minutes after us anyway as they'd been through the whole thing! £35 for 15 minutes! Then, ice cream for the kids (£1.70 each!!), which again Jack didn't like so it went in the bin!

A couple of days later, Jack got slap cheek. :( I was like 'AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! Will this illness never end!!!!!!!!' Then I caught a cold and have been snotty and coughing ever since :/

Today Chloe has a party to attend, and tomorrow another one (her social life is better than mine I tell you!), then back to school Monday morning! I'm sure I'll be there bright and early with the other parents, banging on the gates to let us in ;)

Hope everyone else has had a nice Easter break!


  1. Oh lordy, what a time you've had. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. Can't wait for it to be over!

  3. Hi! We had headlice this half term for the first time, my 5 y o did any way, so ours was not much fun either. Looking forward to normality tomorrow! My son who is 3 has sensory issues too, interesting to read about your son's issues. Good to know I am not alone in having a fascinatingly quirky child!

    1. Hi Rachel.

      Oh dear! Im dreading headlice! Chloe has so much hair!

      Both of my children have autism so we have a whole range of sensory issues in our house! Hope your son is finding ways of dealing with his :)



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