Wednesday, 24 April 2013

*** REVIEW*** Bunnies and Batteries by Angelina Rain

What's a girl to do when she has a sexy neighbor on her mind and a brand new vibrator in hand?

Grace Alderson is secretly in love with her neighbor, Clay Sawyer. She knows they don't have a future together, not after what she did to him almost a year ago. There was no way he would forgive her for something as awful as that! Still, it doesn't hurt to fantasize about his kisses and touches as she plays with her vibrator. When a strange sound wakes her from the orgasmic bliss, Grace realizes she's not alone. Clay is in her house… watching her. Can they get over the past and find their happiness together? 

A free read by Angelina Rain, from Evernight Publishing. I love Angelinas work so couldn't wait to get my hands on this little beaut.

Now, even though this is short, I did enjoy it. I lay in bed this morning and read it all. The story is about Grace, who signs up to be a product reviewer, little does she know, when the box of goodies arrives at her door, it's not the stuff she had in mind! The box has 4 toys inside, sex toys. While Grace tests out the stuff she has been sent, things go from hot to hotter when Clay arrives ;)

I will leave you with a quote which actually made me laugh out loud! Grab a copy and see what you think :)

“It was her, the crazy sex pervert next door. She wanted me to shove things up her ass.”


  1. I also love Angelina's work,and this is great.

    1. Such a fab, sexy little story. Another fan of Angelina's work here :-)

    2. We obviously all have good taste ;)

  2. Thank you so much Dee, for the wonderful review and for enjoying my work. Thanks Ravan and Doris for reading my stuff too. :-) You guys totally made my day!

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