Monday, 1 April 2013

***REVIEW*** My Dad's a Policeman by Cathy Glass

Ryan is 12 and streetwise. He lives with his mother and younger brother, Tommy, on a large run-down council estate. Their mother is an alcoholic who can't look after her sons. Ryan does his best to stop Tommy and him being taken into foster care, but it isn't enough. One afternoon, social workers suddenly arrive at school and take the brothers away. They are separated and sent to different foster carers. Ryan is very angry.

Book 2 of my Glass-A-Thon!!!

This is part of the Quick Reads collection, which are short books by well known authors.

A good little read this was, about a little boy called Ryan who is taken from school one day, adn into a foster home. But he is really worried that his little brother Tommy has been placed in a seperate foster home, and he is really worried about his mother at home alone, without her sons.

Ryan takes off during the first night of his foster placement, and goes home, vows to find Tommy and run away with him. Does it go as it should? Yes, but not in the way Ryan had planned.

No spoilers from me on this one as it's just a short book anyway, but I really enjoyed it!


  1. now on my TBR list... I'm intrigued

    1. I really enjoyed it, and really enjoying Cathys books.

      Hopefully the capatcha is gone now lol :) x


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