Tuesday, 9 April 2013

*** REVIEW *** Good Enough to Trust by Zara Stoneley

An erotic romance, including menage, M/F/M and sex outdoors.

Do you trust the boy you loved, or the man you might?

Sophie has only one thing on her New Year’s resolution list – sorting out her life.

Losing her parents was hard, blaming herself hurt more – but was it really her fault, or was accepting the guilt easier than facing up to the truth?

Retracing her steps was never going to be easy, risking her heart again is even harder - and when there's two men to choose from will it be easier to trust the man she's never stopped loving, or the one that might give her the new start she needs?

I received this book from Zara in return for an honest review on my blog :) After also receiving the first in the series from Zara (which you can find my review HERE), I was more than happy to review the second!

I really liked it! I know Zara had said she worries with each book she brings out, in case people don't like it, but she has no need to worry, this series is great and I'm hoping she will bring out number 3 at some point!

Good enough to trust is book 2 in the series, and this one concentrates on Sophie.  You find stuff out about Sophie in book 1, so I was glad this one was about her. 

Sophie heads back to a place she has been before, to try to figure out what she needs and wants. She bumps into a lovely farmer, Will, who she quickly trusts, and has a lot of fun with! Well, not just Will, his brother turns up there somewhere, and an old flame Ollie at another point too! ;)

The story really moves on and you find out a lot of things about Sophies past, and Ollies. You really feel for Sophie when you get to the end of the story, but I will let you guys read that for yourselves!

The sex scenes, as always, were great, a lot of menage going on there, which was fab! 

So if you like a good story, some great sex, and want to find out about Sophie and Ollies pasts, please get hold of this book and give it a go, I can assure you, you will not be disappointed!


  1. Thanks for the lovely review Dee - I'm so pleased you liked it! Book 3 will be out later in the year, when you can find out more about Charlie and what he has been up to ;-)


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