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20 This or That Questions with.... Dainne Hartsock!!!

Hi all! Dianne Hartsock is around this week answering my 20 qs! See how she answers below, and keep reading for an excerpt from her new story!

Sweet or savoury?
Oh, savoury. But spicy is even better! I can handle some spice but not a lot. Although when I was pregnant, the spicier the better!
Salad or sandwich?
Sandwiches, usually something with avocado. Salads never seem to fill my empty tummy.
Macdonalds or Burger King?
Burger King! They have a great chicken sandwich. I agree, teh chicken sandwich form there is real good!
White meat or red meat?
I'd have to say white, though I don't eat much of either.

Bon Jovi or Guns n Roses?
Oh, Bon Jovi! Classic rock at its best. You passed the test lol ;)
Movie or book?
Book! Hands down. There's something so much more intimate about a book. Definately
Movies or TV shows?
Movies. TV shows usually just annoy me.
Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
Lord of the Rings. Frodo is still my perfect hero.
Damon or Stefan Salvatore?
Damon. Those eyes… *drools a little*....... oh sorry, what were we talking about?! ;p
True Blood or Vampire Diaries?
Vampire Diaries
Friends or Sex and the City?
I didn't like anyone on Sex and the City. Friends had its funny moments.
Star Wars or Star Trek?
Live long and prosper!!

Dominance or submission?
*small voice* submission
Kisses or hugs?
Bath or shower?
Call or text?
Text. There's no playing phone tag that way.
Date night: stay in or go out?
Night and out. I love the city lights at night and the excitement in the air.
Singing or dancing?
Dancing. Believe me, no one wants to hear me sing.
Vanilla or kink?
Cotton or satin?
Cotton. Satin is too slippery for me.

Anything you'd like to add, or anything new you'd like to tell us about while you're here?
I'd love to hear from you!

I have a new story out with Breathless Press in the Ad-Dick-tion Anthology vol. 3. It continues the love story between my heroes Eran and Paul that I began in Ad-Dick-tion vol. 3.

Paul has no doubts. He wants Eran in his life. But can Eran, a young man from an abusive background, come to terms with his fears so he can have a future with this man he loves?


The technician looked around, a smile spreading on his friendly face. He patted the soft case he carried. "Excellent. This should only take a few minutes."
Paul held the door open and motioned to the living room. "TV's over there." A noise from the kitchen startled him. "I'll leave you to it," he murmured when the man opened his case. He found Eran in the kitchen already dressed. He didn't meet his gaze and Paul leaned against the doorframe as his lover concentrated on making the coffee.
"I thought you were going to wait for me," he said after a moment, wondering at Eran's change of mood. The playfulness was gone, replaced by a troubled expression. Eran lifted a shoulder as he added grounds to the coffee maker and Paul noted his tousled hair and wrinkled shirt. He'd been in a hurry to dress.
He sighed inwardly when he thought of a possible reason, and crossed the room and pulled Eran back against his chest. Eran stiffened, then relaxed into his arms.
"I won't let anyone hurt you," he said against Eran's neck.
"I know. I just felt at a disadvantage, if something were to happen…"
They both looked up at a guffaw from the living room, and exchanged a smile when the tech called out, "Found the problem! Be done in a jiff."
Eran blushed slightly. "Okay, I may have overreacted here, but with Gary out…"
Paul tightened his hold. "Gary won't jeopardize his parole by coming near you," he said, hoping it was true. Eran's brother-in-law had gone to prison for battery of both Eran and his sister when they lived with him. As their father had done before Gary. Paul swallowed his anger. It wouldn't help Eran at all.
He glanced across the room at a polite cough from the doorway, but wouldn't let Eran go when he tried to step away.
The tech looked embarrassed. "Um…changed the cable box. Short in the wiring."
"Let me get you a check." Paul put his lips against Eran's ear. "Stay right here."
He went to the desk in the living room and wrote a check for the amount on the bill, then showed the technician out the door. He couldn't help chuckling as the man scurried down the drive as if glad to be going. Paul returned to the kitchen and looked at Eran where he leaned against the counter, arms crossed over his chest.
So beautiful. Eran's ink black hair brushed his chin, framing a delicate face and enormous blue eyes holding an unexpected sorrow. Paul walked up to him and tugged the slim, strong body of the man he loved into his arms. He planted little kisses along Eran's jawline. "Tell me what's wrong, baby."
Eran's chest rose and fell on a deep sigh. He nudged Paul back but wouldn't meet his eyes. Paul braced. Eran could be stubborn and he'd have to keep his head. Their few arguments had ended with him heartbroken and Eran in tears. The boy had grown up in fear and pain and it would take more than frilly words from him to make it all better.
Eran gave a short laugh. "So pathetic. You left the room and I heard him out here, and I felt five years old again with Father drunk in the kitchen." His voice shook and he bit his lip, eyes downcast. "Why can't I forget? God, you made a big fucking mistake with me."
Paul made his tone purposefully light, though his heart ached. "Yes, I did. I should have ignored the door and pinned you to the mattress and fucked you breathless." Encouraged by Eran's watery laugh he slid an arm around his waist. "What do you say we change and take a run around the park? Clear that fluffy head of yours."
"You saying I'm an airhead?"
"Only sometimes, lover. Come on."
Eran resisted when Paul tugged on his sleeve. Paul planted a hand on either side of his waist, trapping him against the counter. Pain knifed through his heart at the regret and sadness showing on his lover's face. "Tell me what you're thinking," he urged.

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