Saturday, 27 July 2013

***REVIEW*** Turned by Christina J. Loren

Turned by Christina J. Loren

Nathan thinks that Damien is easy prey. He stalks him right up until the point Damien turns the tables.

Damien wants to be like Nathan, he's aching to be turned. But when Damien's plan works and he finally has Nathan right where he wants him, Damien awakens a craving far deeper than just a thirst for blood. And Nathan is there to satisfy every urge.

This is book 1 in Christinas Turned Series.  I quite enjoyed it!

I dn't read many M/M books, but I liked the story behind this one. Vampires are great, and these 2 were brilliant. I loved the cocky-ness of Damien, he seemed to know just what to say and just how to get Nathan to do what he wanted him to. I quite liked Nathan too, but really want to move onto the next book as I'd love to read more about him.

That was the only downside, teh book wasn't really long enough to get a good background on the characters, but there is always books 2 and 3 to read :D

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