Sunday, 28 July 2013

Weekly Recall! 21st July-27th July

Weekly Recall! 21st July-27th July
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Hi there!

I've been around a little more this week, mostly I have been catching up on some blog stuff, sorting out the posts for the Blogoversary etc. It's been another glorious week weather wise here in Newcastle, we only had one day aof rain, and that only lasted a couple hours really. Heavy thundery showers planned for today though :/

I have read and reviewed Veiled by Ava Delany. My review is here.

I have also read and reviewed Turned by Christina J. Loren, you can find the review here.

This week I have finished my book buying ban!!! 2 whole months! My post is here.

And Jorja Lovett was here answering my 20qs this week. Check it out here.

TV/movie wise, we've not watched much really, just been ploughing our way through Sons of Anarchy season 3 on Netflix :D I honestly think I love Charlie Hunnam more and more each time  I watch it!! I attempted the first episode of Downton Abbey, but I'm not sure if it's for me :/ Any of you guys watched it?

So thats about it this week! Week 1 of the school holidays is almost over! Only another 5 to go for my DD and another 6 to go for my DS!

Have a great week guys xx

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