Tuesday, 30 July 2013

***REVIEW*** Blackened by Christina J Loren

Blackened by Christina J Loren

When it comes to life as a vampire, Damien has it all figured out—until his conscience kicks in, and his lover steps out.

Damien loves every aspect of his life as a vampire, except feeding time. That's when his conscience decides to turn on, and he must face his dark cravings—alone. He had it all under control until Nathan disappeared one night. Damien's control is slipping on the beast inside, and he needs Nathan now more than ever. If only he didn't suspect his lover of betrayal.

Two battles must be fought. One of the heart, and one of the soul. Will Damien's fear become a reality, and the urge to kill blacken his heart before Nathan can bring him home?

This is the third book in the Turned Series. 

I enjoyed this one just as I enjoyed the first two, although maybe this one a little more.
I liked the fact that this one had more of a story in it. Nathan is hiding something and Damien has the idea he is playing away. But Damien has other problems, he is starting to feel rather guilty about drinking from humans, and is trying to do something about it. Where will things go, and what will happen when Nathan finds Damien passed out in the street?

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