Sunday, 14 July 2013

Weekly Recall! 7th July-13th Juy

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Sun 7th July- Sat 13th July

Hi guys.

I haven't been around this week much at all as I have a raging chest and throat infectfion, and have lost my voice :( so I've pretty much been watching tv and doing sod all all week.

I read and posted my review of The Orgasm Project by Doris O'Connor, you can find the review here.

I'm still reading Serviced, but I'm halfway through the stories now and enjoying it. Dan Browns Inferno has been chosen as out book for July in my Babycentre book group so I hopefully will get to that soon.

As for TV/movies, I've watched wuite a bit this week with being poorly. I watched '21 Jump Street' (with Chinning Tatum looking as fit as ever),  I watched Disneys 'Up' for the first time (its so sad), I watched half of '#People Like Us', which was alright. Me and the other half have finished Sons of Anarchy season 1 and are now busy watching season 2, and I hav ebeen catching up on my (should I really admit this?)... Teen Mom 2 that I've had recorded on the Sky+ box since like forever!

+Aimee Duffy was in my hotseat answering 20 qs this week.

Hope you guys have had a better week than me!

Dee xx

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