Friday, 11 October 2013

***REVIEW*** Bow To Your Partner by Raven McAllan

Bow To Your Partner by Raven McAllan
There's dancing and then there's dancing. Mason is ready to move on, but Callan is ready to play once more. Now they have to decide if the dance is right for them.

After Mason's husband died, her interest in the lifestyle they had lived died with him. Until her meddling cousin sets her up with Callan Mackie.

Callan is a Dom without a sub, and he hasn't missed one. Until now that is. Mason hits all the right notes for him, and the chance to play with her isn’t to be missed.

The Dance Studio provides the perfect venue to see if Mason will bow to her partner.

I received a copy of this from the author after winning a competition. I read book 2 in the series the week before last and really enjoyed it, so was definitely looking forward to this one :)

This story centres on Mason and Callan. Mason is set up by her cousin to meet with Callan, and let's just say its a good job they met! Callan is a handsome, strong Dom who doesn't realise he is looking for a Sub until his meeting with Mason. 

In the story you find out a lot of things about Masons past, and sometimes it does pull at your heart strings, but the book has a lovely story. Mason seems like a strong lady who knows what she wants, but you see on the inside she is rather vulnerable and scared. Read the story and you'll find out why.

Plenty of good sex, lots of fabulous chemistry, some emotions, and a whole lot of love :)

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