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Short Story Halloween Book Blog Hop! Giveaway!

Link to Sara C. Snider blog 

Short Story Halloween Book Blog Hop!

I am joining in with his great Blog hop for Halloween. Each participant posts a short story for Halloween so please click the picture above which will link you back to the list of everyone taking part, and check out what everyone else has done!

Keep reading for the chance to win a giveaway from me!

Here's my story, which I wrote a while ago as part of Thurs Threads. It was in 2 parts, but I've mashed them together as they were part of the same storyline.

1960 – London

Katherine had been feeling so different lately, tired and heavy. She was sure she knew why. She didn't need a doctor to confirm it, she knew she was with child. Marcus would be thrilled. He'd always wanted lots of children, and now their dream was beginning.

Marcus was working on his car. Something made him top and look up. He couldn't see anyone, but he could sense them near, and the smell was unmistakable... another shifter was close by. He put down his tools, and crept around the garage. They had to be near, the smell was so strong. He turned the corner and felt a blow against the back of his head. He fell to the ground.

'Marcus, it's been so long. Where is my wife?' the man grinned.

'Greol you piece of shit, she's my wife now, not yours'.

Another blow rained down, this time knocking him unconscious. When he woke up he was chained to a wall, spread eagled so he couldn't move.

'Ah you're awake my friend' came Greol's voice. 'See the little gift I have brought you?'

Marcus looked up, and saw his wife, hanging from the opposite wall. She was covered in bruises, and there was huge pool of blood beneath her. Greol took his knife and cut a big incision into Katherine's stomach.

'What have you done?!', Marcus screamed. 'Leave her alone you deranged psychopath!'

'Hush now friend' came Greols reply. 'That wasn't really the worst of it'.


2010 - London

It had been over 50 years since that fateful day, but Marcus hadn't forgotten, and to him it still seemed like only days ago.

He sat in the shadows, his pocket knife carving a piece of wood, chipping away at it just to pass the time. When would he be here? Three hours had passed and nothing. Nothing? It was too quiet around here, something was definitely going on. Marcus quietly tiptoed backwards, and crouched. He felt himself changing into his other self, other being. It didn't hurt, but to someone watching, it would look like it did. His back arched, his nails grew, his fangs appeared, hair sprouted everywhere. He ripped through the clothes he had on, leaving them in shreds.

There was a noise to the left of him, the sound of a struggle, then something was thrown from the bushes and landed in a heap infront of him. 'Greol', Marcus whispered, when he realised the man he had been waiting for was here. 'It's been 50 years too long'. Another wolf jumped out from the bushes and stood over Greol's limp body, ready to attack.

'Leave it alone', Marcus grinned. 'This ones mine'.

 If you like scary stories, there are some amazing horror writers out there, and one of my favourites is Stephen King. So I am giving away my unread paperback copy of Misery to one lucky commenter (sorry, but it is UK only). Just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter below!

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  1. An interesting story. I hope you'll continue it, as it seems like there's still story left to be told. :) Thanks for sharing, Dee! Hope you have a great Halloween!

  2. Some scary stories I like but some are much too real for me. I enjoyed the taste of your writing!

    I didn't get mine posted until today but I hope you have time to drop by.

    1. Thanks Sunday! I'll pop by yours :)

  3. Yes, I do like to read scary stories, but I much rather watch them! Scary movies are my favorite and a lot of the best scary movies are based on books! Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Scary movies are too much for me lol!

  4. I like scary stories. I actually have seen the movie Misery and would love to read the book. Thanks for the giveaway!!


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