Tuesday, 15 October 2013

***REVIEW*** The Babysitter by Kenya Wright

The Babysitter By Kenya Wright

"In my guest room, Blake caresses my neck and surrounds me with his scent, a haunting mixture of rosemary and lavender, so subtle, yet sure to sink into my sheets, so that I can smell him minutes after he leaves and goes to his sleeping wife."

Paige has a problem. She's in love with her married boss, Blake, the father of two kids that she watches. After his wife left him for another man, he hired on Paige as a live-in babysitter. For a year she not only got his household back in order, but helped heal the family's broken hearts.

But, now things have changed.

Before Paige can confess her feelings to Blake, his wife returns. She wants to repair their marriage. Blake thinks it would be good for the kids, but Paige doesn't believe his wife deserves forgiveness and she's tired of hanging in the shadows as the love of her life slips away.

No. Things have definitely changed and Paige is tired of being the good little babysitter. It's time to be very naughty, so wicked that Blake's length stirs in his pants when she strolls by him in thin sun dresses that taunt his view and make his throat go dry from heated lust pumping blood to his veins.

Can Blake stay loyal to his wife and kids or does he find himself in the babysitter's sensual grasp, spiraling down into all-consuming passion?

The Babysitter is an erotic novella at 15,000 words

I bought this book as I saw it reviewed on a friends website, and knew I'd enjoy it. I was pulled in right from the start, and didn't want to put it down. It being a novella, I finished it in 2 short sittings.

Right, I know what people are going to say, 'but the guys married!!!', I know he is. But.... when you read the book, and realize their first encounter was when he and his wife had split up, you kinda feel really sorry for the 2 main characters, Blake and Paige. Blakes wife returns after a year or so of being gone, and decides she wants to try and save their marriage. But is this enough for Blake? Yes he has his kids to think of, which is why he welcomed his wife back into their home, but he has been without her for over a year, and has started to like Paige. 

It's a sexy story with some hot scenes, but I thought it was also rather sad. I felt sorryfor Paige loving a man she knew she would probably never have. I felt so sorry for Blake, knowing his wife had left him for another man, he has got on with his life and brought his kids up alone (well with the help of Paige as a live in babysitter), but now the wife thinks she can just stroll back in and all will be forgotten? Well my friends, read this story and see what happens. The last scene in the story is a good one ;)


  1. Wow! Thanks so much for reviewing The Babysitter! Woop Woop

    1. No problem :) thanks for checking my review out!

  2. Great review, Dee. Now I can't wait to read it. Will have to bump it up my reading list.

    You should check out my latest review here

  3. Was I this friend?? ;) Loved this book!!


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