Thursday, 6 June 2013

20 Questions AND Cover reveal with Michaela Rhua!!!!

Well hello again guys!

Today Michaela Rhua is here answering my 20 questions. And wait, there's more!!!! As you get to the bottom she is revealing her cover for Guardian Posession!!!!

Take it away Michaela!!!

Sweet or savoury?
Salad or sandwich?
I am a coeliac so bread has issues with me so it has to be a salad Oh that must be a pain!
Macdonalds or Burger King?
Macdonalds – I have memories of eating my first Big Mac and thinking it was great. You know, I've never had a Big Mac!
White meat or red meat?
Red meat – love lamb and a good steak Oh Lamb is my favourite!
Bon Jovi or Guns n Roses?
Bon Jovi Good answer! Have I told you I'm going to see them next week?! (I think I've told everyone lol!)
Movie or book?
Book usually. But when I am brain dead a great film is perfect.
Movies or TV shows?
Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
Lord of the Rings for sure!
Damon or Stefan Salvatore?
Damon – love his bad boy with a good heart image. Me too :p
True Blood or Vampire Diaries?
True Blood
Friends or Sex and the City?
I never got into Sex in the City so it has to be Friends.
Star Wars or Star Trek?
Star Wars.
Dominance or submission?
Kisses or hugs?
Both because I am greedy
Bath or shower?
Call or text?
Call - love hearing the voice, you can tell so much about how the person is feeling. However, a sexy text is fab too. ;D
Date night: stay in or go out?
Go out.
Singing or dancing?
Err deffo NOT singing unless it is to clear the room. So dancing. Haha!
Vanilla or kink?
Cotton or satin?
Cotton – it is so crisp and feels fresh against your skin
Anything you'd like to add, or anything new you'd like to tell us about while you're here?
I have two new releases coming out this month!. Yep, I know greedy or what. Well I am not really greedy because the first one is an anthology and we each have two short stories in it. It is called Her type of Guy and will be out 19th June, with Evernight Publishing. We don't have a cover for it yet, but here is the blurb:
For every desire, there's a man to meet it. Someone's annoyance is another's kink. In this naughty collection of short stories, indulge your fantasies, and follow our heroines as they find just the right type of guy or guys…

From bouncing cocks to virgins, slow coaches, true Scotsmen, and messy play partners, sex toy experts and their mischievous friends, these guys are in need of their ladies. Why is one guy too grumpy to believe, another always too early? And can there ever be a future with a hired killer?

Only one way to find out. You might just meet your ideal guy.

I have my second Guardians book coming out too! Squeeeeel.
The first is Guardian Awakening and can be found on the Breathless Press website or other ebook stores. The second book is called Guardian Possession and guess what….here is the cover!

This is a the next instalment and follows Royanne.
Here is the quickie blurb:
Zachriel wants payback. Royanne wants freedom. Capturing her reveals his past. Can these two demons find love and a future together?
(Release date 28th June)

I love hearing from readers so is where you can find me:

Thanks for dropping by Michaela! And I love the cover!!!! :D


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