Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Free online short read, by me :)

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to post a short story (only 602 words), and share with you. It's called Mile High, and the characters unexpectadly burst into my head yesterday afternoon. Hope you enjoy :D

Mile High
Was she mad? She didn't do things like this! Would he even come? Perhaps the fact she was so excited about eventually getting away on holiday for 2 weeks alone, had sent her a little crazy! Yes, that had to be why. She would never in a million years have enough courage to do something like this. But that guy was damn hot. And he had been looking at her for the last hour on the plane, smiling, staring, winking. She hadn't been laid in a while, a long while actually, but surely that shouldn't have made her insides burn like they were on fire when he smiled at her. How she plucked the courage up to write that note and drop it on his lap, she would never know! Now she was regretting it. 'Toilet, 2 minutes, meet me' the note had read. But now she was having second thoughts. 'Never mind' she thought, as she bottled it, and unlocked the door hurridly.

She opened the door to go back to her seat, and felt two hands push her back in. She almost screamed out 'What the fuck!' until lips came crashing down on hers. Someone pushed her way back against the wall, and locked the door again behind him. She could taste the whiskey on his tongue, as it danced around with hers. His hand made its way up her leg, under her skirt. She lifted her leg up to give him better access, as he moved towards her panties. With their bodies pushed up against the wall like this, there wasn't much room left, but she was sure they'd make do. Her hands were wrapped around his neck, one of his on her thigh, the other on her face. She groaned as he reached under her panties and in one smooth move, ripped them clean off. She could feel the moisture dripping down her thighs. His fingers rubbed against her sensitive button, she gasped as he lifted her on to the sink. As he played with he clit she unbottoned his trousers, eager to see what he was hiding inside.

She wasn't dissapointed when she pulled at his boxers, and his cock sprung free. It was big, bigger than any she'd had before, and looked so enticing, glistening with pre cum. She could feel herself nearing climax as he played with her now throbbing nub. He stopped and reached into his back pocket, the rip of foil unmistakable, his cock now fully sheathed. She edged her ass forwards, and wrapped her legs around his waist. She stared right into his piercing blue eyes, and impaled herself on his cock. He thrust so deep she saw stars. The pace quickened, her clit rubbing on his skin, each thrust brought her closer and closer. Faster and faster they moved together, in perfect rhythem. She could no longer hold it, and let out the biggest moan, as her body gave in and soared over the edge. Her muscles tightened so quickly, he came within seconds. Groaning in her ear, pulling her in tighter, he spilled himself in her. After sitting like that for what seemed forever, but was possibly only a couple of minutes at the most, he pulled out, pulled his trousers back up. She carefully climbed down from the sink, her panties were destroyed, so she threw them in the bin. They looked at each other and smiled, heat flushed in both of their faces, evidence of what had just happened.
'I'm Katie', she smiled
'I'm Michael, so you're staying in Malibu for 2 weeks too?' he grinned.


  1. I'm going to come back and read this at leisure.

  2. Loved it Dee! I'm fairly new to erotic/romance short stories but i have read quite a few since i got my kobo reader thingummy as they have a lot to download for free. you write as well as any of the published authors in this genre that i have read tbh! you should definitely write more Fliss xx

    1. Thank you Fliss :D I'm getting there! x


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