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*** REVIEW *** A Leap of Faith by R Brennan

*** REVIEW ***

A Leap of Faith by R Brennan

New submissive, Faith Daniels is completely infatuated with her amazing Dominant, Richard Halstead, so when he sends her a summons via text message a full day before they had plans to meet, she can barely contain her excitement.

But, Richard didn’t just invite her over for a BDSM play date. Not this time. He has a proposition for Faith. One that could change the rest of her life.

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review. 

This is the first of Ms Brennans stand alones I have read, I read her story in Vanilla Free Christmas, an Anthology published with Evernight Publishing. R's story in that anthology was my favourite in the whole book. And guess what? A Leap of Faith is about the same 2 people, Faith and Richard :)

I loved this book, and can honestly say I wish it had been longer!! I've always said, the BDSM lifestyle is not one I would take up personally, but I do enjoy reading about it, and this book was brilliant. I wasn't so sure on the whole, 'on your knees and eat out of the dog bowl' bit (well, I suppose at least it was steak and not dog food ;p), but the way Faith is around Richard is really good,. She is so excited when he texts her to meet him, and you can tell already that she is going to be completely happy with him.

If you enjoy this kind of book, I would recommend you read it!!!

Oh, and anyway, Ms Brennan was over here a couple of days ago asking for reviewers, so if you'd like a free copy of her book, check out the post here:



  1. Dee:

    Thanks for the amazing review. So glad you enjoyed the story and getting a bit more of two of my favorite characters, Richard and Faith.

  2. Great review. Will have to read this. :)


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