Sunday, 10 March 2013

#sexysnippets again

#sexysnippets time again folks!

I'm back with another sexy seven from my WIP When Nature Calls.

His rock hard cock was pressing against her ass, nudging it's way towards her hole.

She felt his nails run down her spine, stopping above the crack of her ass. Sharp and seductive, they ran up and down, causing goosebumps all over her body. How she wanted those nails to run over her cunt, which was ready and waiting, dripping juices at every little touch. He made a low, vibrating growl. She turned to look at him for the first time, properly.. and he was gone.

Where had he gone?  

Thanks for reading folks! And thanks for all the amazing comments on last weeks #snexysnippets! They made my day! :)

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  1. Yes, where is he gone? Get back there, stat!! lol Great snippet, Dee |:-)

    1. Hee hee we'll see! Thanks for looking :) x

    Where is he? He can't leave her like that!
    fab 7!

  3. That's a bit mean to leave her like that! Steamy snippet, Dee.

  4. I know, I'm sure he'll make it up to her though ;)

  5. I'd be wondering where he went, as well. *fans* Nice, snippet.

  6. Gone? He's gone? After leaving me, I mean, her, sensually shivering? He better come back! Great snippet, Dee!

  7. More!!! Please :) Stacey x


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