Sunday, 19 May 2013

Blog reflections :D

 I've seen a few people do this recently, so I thought it was time I do a reflections post.

My blog has been up and running now for 9 months now, and it has been fantastic. Here are some of the stuff thats happened over those 9 months:

  • My blog started out with little hope of readers, it was mostly a place for me to review books I was reading, and for me to look at. At 9am today I have had 7,481 page views! Yesterday I got my most page views on one day, which was 200! >>>>
  • I have met some fantastic authors via my blog, and they have been really great agreeing to do guest spots for me, answering my '20 This or That Questions', sending me books for free for review, allowing me to guest on their blogs, friending me on GoodReads, Signing books for me (which you can find pics of here) and basically being there whenever I've had a question or just needed something. I won't name names or I'll be here forever, but those people know who they are and I hope they know I am really grateful to them :)
  •  I have 32 followers! I know 32 may not seem a big number to some, but to me it's great! And considering none of them are family or friends I've had to bribe to follow (lol, I wouldn't bribe anyone really!) I'm very happy :D
  •  I have joined with Breathless Press Publishers to host a few authors and their new releases, and promote some authors and their books, which has been great, and has gotten my blog more views.
  • I decided that I do want to write, and started on 3 novels (which are taking their time, but will get there!), and have occasionally posted snippets via The Nuthouse Scribblers Sexy Snippets Sunday. This also made me pluck up the courage to post some of my short writings on my blog (find the links here), and have had some great feedback on them! 
  • I gave a bad review, which I hated writing, but it has to be done I suppose. I did send my apologies to the author, but didn't get much of a reply :/
  • I contacted an author and for the first time, had to admit defeat with his book. I apologised lots and explained that I had tried twice, but just could not get into the book. He was very kind and told me not to worry, and if I didn't like it, I  didn't like it! This made me realise it is ok to let people know that you didn't like something they wrote, and you don't ever have to be nasty over it! 
  • I have had my reviews posted on Breathless Press blog, and have guested on a few blogs myself :D
  • And via the blog, I have found a new love in the genre of erotic fiction :D So I thank my blog for bringing these books into my life!

A lot of stuff has happened as you can see, and hopefully it will keep coming! So I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to all my followers, readers and friends for keep coming back, and keeping my blog afloat!


  1. Congrats Dee for the growing following and everything you've achieved in those few months. :o)

    1. Thank you Aimee :) im very pleased with it!

  2. Hi Dee,
    I must be one of your 32 followers as i have your blog on my bloglovin' list after seeing it on your sig on a certain baby site i thought i would have a look and i love your reviews. Hope you keep your blog going for a long time!
    Fliss x


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