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***REVIEW*** The Billionaires Unwanted Virgin by Doris O'Connor

The Billionaires Unwanted Virgin by Doris O'Connor
Lie back and think of England. She could do this. It was only sex, after all. Auctioning off her virginity was the easy part—going through with it not so easy. When Alice realizes who has acquired her, keeping her emotions out of the deal seems an impossible task.
Self-made billionaire Lakota, Lance Kemnay has no time for women, let alone one who would sell her virginity to the highest bidder. Ever practical, however, he sees in Alice a solution to his immediate need for a wife. The emotions she stirs in him are just lust, and lust can be dealt with. As they connect emotionally and physically, his resolve to keep his heart aloof is tested beyond limits.
Can he trust his tender feelings, or has he been taken for a fool by the one woman he thought he could trust?

I received this book from Doris in return for an honest review. Here goes (THERE MAY BE SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ IT ALREADY):

I read this book over a week, not because it was bad or anything, but because I had such a headache that I just couldn't read much at any one time. Otherwise, this book would have been devoured in one sitting! I loved it, and as always, Doris does not disappoint!

This is the story of  young lady, Alice, who auctions off her virginity. Now at first I thought, why the hell would you do this, and as I found out that it was to raise money for her very sick niece, I understood. I mean how could you not understand when someone throws a sick child into the equation right! Anyhoo, Alice finds the man who has, erm, bought her, and things get serious very quickly.

I loved Lakota. Well, at first I wasn't sure at all, I thought he was going to be a bit of a macho pig, but after a little while, I liked him, then a little while later, I loved him! Michelle Doyle on Goodreads posted her review (See it here) and it was only once I read what she'd written (or seen the pictures she'd posted), that I agreed with her 'look' of Lakota. Jason Momoa! With his long wavy hair, and burn-into-your-soul eyes, he fits perfectly! The description of the characters was great, and I love the way they all sounded, but especially Alice and Lakota.

Alice was a sweet girl, but not always. She knew what she wanted and she was going to get it. When she and Lakota spent their first night together, even though she didn't really know what she was doing, she knew what she wanted.

As always, Ms O'Connor writes her sex scenes with much hotness! And trust me, there is plenty of hot steamy sweaty sex in this book. But the storyline behind it was really enjoyable. I hope she will write another, and carry the story on a bit further, especially with what happens in the last chapter.

Well done again Doris, another fantastic story!


  1. Thank you, Dee, for this fab review. Hmm, Jason Momoa, huh. I can see why you would picture him, but he was my inspiration for another one of my heroes, so he will always be Doric in my mind's eye. Lol!

    As for another book, yeah, I might have to. Mary deserves a story of her own really... We'll see ;-)

    1. Ooh I forgot about Doric!

      Look forward to reading Marya story if it comes to you :)


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