Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Great Author: Raven McAllan

Hi guys. Another great author post today since I haven't done one in a while.

Today my great author is Raven McAllan.

Here are the books of Ravens that I've read so far:

Theres plenty more there for me to read too! 

Raven is a great author. I love her books, and if I hadn't have found Doris O'Connor, I wouldn't have found Raven either! I have to say, she is a lovely person, and has given me smiles, advice, and freebies (who doesn't love the freebies :p).

I love the way her stories drag me in that I never want to put them down! Of Ravens books I've read so far, the Silk Street books are my favourites. I can't wait for the third to be written! Raven is brilliant at writing her contemporary romances, adn her characters are always well written and well described. And I love them all, from Lord Felton is Silver Silk Ties, to Dylan in Impulse.

I wanted to share my love of Ravens books with you all, and tell you to go grab one if you haven't already, and get started ASAP!


  1. How lovely Dee, and I hope you enjoy what else is in the offing. Cecilia's Claim is out, and the Wager will be out on June 5th...
    Thank you so much for this, You've made my day...

    1. You're welcome! I meant every word, your stories are brilliant!

      Im looking forward to getting Cecilias Claim when my book buying ban is over :D I somehow already have The Wager on my kindle :)


  2. Raven's books are fabulous, are they not? She's ah inspiration :-)


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