Sunday, 5 May 2013

*** REVIEW*** Fairy Flavor (book 1) by Anna Keraleigh

The fairies are going extinct. The trolls are trying to take the land for their own nefarious purposes and King Carrick, ruler of the fairy kingdom, has found a human mate. Now he just has to convince her to stay amidst the chaos.
Brook finds herself in love with a fairy, as if that isn’t strange enough, she’s kidnapped by the trolls and asked to be queen of this fantasy kingdom. Her heart screams approval but a man named Valen and some deadly trolls stand between them.

I recieved this book (and the next 4 in the series!) from Anna in return for an honest review. I was more than happy to say yes, and I'm very thankful to her for sending over all 5 books!

I read this story over a few days, and loved it. I mean, maybe 2 chapters in and theres already a little menage going on! If theres one thing this book was, it's damn hot. Lots of sex, good good sex, and you could feel the love between Brook and Carrick. 

But there was a good story there too, and I'm interested to find out more. Carrick seems like a nice fairy, a good king, and a caring person.I think him and Brook fit perfectly together. I also liked the other characters, Wick was one of my favouties, and I hope he finds his mate :)

Good story by Anna and i'm happy to start book 2 soon!


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